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English Translation and Transliteration

One of the most important sources of the names of these heroes and martyrs is a Ziyarat, taught by the Twelfth Imam(a.s.), known as Ziyarat of Nahiya, which has been copied by all the great authorities in their reliable books. The Ziyarat of Nahiya, as it has come down to us, omits certain names of martyrs, although they are well known for their participation in the holy struggle at Kerbala. This omission may be due to some lapse in memory on the part of the reporters or inaccuracy or inadvertence of copyists.

A translation of the Ziyarat is given below, for those who are not acquainted with Arabic. It is the only Ziyarat which mentions the martyrs of Kerbala by name, and in some cases it also gives the names of those who slew them and throws light upon some of the circumstances of their martyrdom.