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Ziarat Aal-e-Yaseen

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Ziarat Aal-e-Yaseen is another important Ziarat of Imam-e-Zaman(a.s.).
It is actually a Hadith Qudsi (direct saying of Allah(swt)) as reported in Mafatih-al-Jinnan.

It is the first Ziarat in Mafatih about Imam-e-Zaman(a.s.) (located some pages before
Duaa Nudbeh). According to the traditions, "Aal-e-Yaseen" is equivalent
to "Aal-e-Muhammad(pbuh&hf)" and is the correct pronunciation (Qira'at) of
verse 37:130 of the Holy Quran. Beside its superb beauty, one of the interesting points
about this Duaa is that, in it, we confess all the central beliefs one by one.
Lack of any of these elements makes one a disbeliever.

Arabic Text with Urdu Translation


Ziarat Introduction and Audio provided by Brother Aba Salih