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What is the name of event where Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) went to heavens ?


Q.2 When did the event of Mubahila occur ?
5 A.H.
7 A.H.
9 A.H.
10 A.H.

Q.3 Which Sahabi was named by Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) as "included in my Ahl-e-Bait" ?
Hazrat Ammar Yasir(a.r.)
Hazrat Salman Farsi(a.r.)
Hazrat Bilal Habshi(a.r.)
Hazrat Abu Dajana(a.r.)

Q.4 How many sons and daughters did Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) have ?
1 son and 3 daughters
2 sons and 2 daughters
No sons and 1 daughter
3 sons and 1 daughter

Q.5 Who was the only wife of Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) during whose life he(sawaw) did not marry any other lady ?
Hazrat Maria Qibtia(a.r.)
Hazrat Khadija(a.s.)
Hazrat Memona(a.r.)
Hazrat Umm-e-Salma(a.r.)

Q.6 When did Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) die (wisal) ?
10th Safar 11 A.H.
20 Safar 11 A.H.
28th Safar 11 A.H.
28 Safar 10 A.H.

Q.7 Who performed the ghusl and led the namaz-e-janaza of Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) ?
Hazrat Salman Farsi(a.r.)
Hazrat Bilal Habshi(a.r.)
Imam Ali(a.s.)
Hazrat Ammar Yasir(a.r.)

Q.8 Where was Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) buried ?
in his house in Makkah
in his house in Madina
in Jannatul Baqi in Madina
in Jannatul Moallah in Makkah

Q.9 How many years the Prophet(sawaw) carried out his mission after baysat ?
30 years
40 years
28 years
23 years

Q.10 What was Prophet Mohammad(sawaw)'s age when he died (wisal) ?
58 years
68 years
53 years
63 years

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