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You are here : well do you know/Imam Mohammad Taqi(a.s.)

Q.1 Imam Mohammad Taqi(a.s.) was born on the 10th Rajab of which year ?
200 A.H.
195 A.H.
190 A.H.
205 A.H.

Q.2 Which daughter of Mamoon Rasheed was wedded to Imam Mohammad Taqi(a.s.) ?
Sauda bint-e-Mamoon

Q.3 What was the name of the mother of Imam Muhammad Taqi(as)?
Bibi Sauda
Bibi Samania
Bibi Khaizraan
Bibi Narjis

Q.4 At what age did he get appointed as Imam(a.s.) ?
15 years
10 years
20 years
8 years

Q.5 Why was he called to Baghadad by Moatasim Billah ?
to give successorship of the throne
on unjustified complaints by his wife
to recognize his learned status
to award status of Wazir

Q.6 How was Imam Mohammad Taqi(a.s.) martyred ?
through poision
by sword
by dagger
by thowing from a rooftop

Q.7 Which ruler arranged to get him martyred ?
Moatasim billah
Moatiz billah
Wasiq billah

Q.8 How many children did Imam Mohammad Taqi(a.s.) have ?
3 sons and 2 daughters
4 sons and 1 daughter
1 son and 3 daughters
2 sons and 2 daughters

Q.9 Which so-called aalim was defeated to shame by Imam Mohammad Taqi(a.s.) ?
Qais ibn-e-Musahhar
Yayhya ibn-e-Aksam
Jalal ibn-e-Yahya

Q.10 Which son of Imam Mohammad Taqi(a.s.) used to cover his face beause of his beauty ?
Imam Ali Naqi(a.s.)
Hazrat Abdullah(a.r.)
Hazrat Mohsin(a.r.)
Hazrat Moosa Mubarraqa(a.r.)

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