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You are here : well do you know/Imam Ali ibn-e-Mossa Riza(a.s.)

Q.1 When was Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) born ?
17 Rabi-al-Awwal 148 A.H.
15 Shabaan 148 A.H.
11 ZeeQaad 148 A.H.
15 Ramzan 148 A.H.

Q.2 Who was the mother of Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) ?
Hazrat Nargis Khatoon(a.s.)
Hazrat Umm-e-Farwa(a.s.)
Hazrat Hakeema Khatoon(a.s.)
Hazrat Najma Khatoon(a.s.)

Q.3 At what age was he appointed the 8th Holy Imam(a.s.) ?
21 years
35 years
31 years
18 years

Q.4 Who was the Ummayad Khalifa at the start of Imamate of Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) ?
Mansoor Dawanique
Hashsham bin Abdul Malik
Ibrahim bin Walid
Marwan Himar

Q.5 How many children did Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) have ?
Only One
Two (up to Five in other traditions)

Q.6 How many wives did Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) have ?

Q.7 Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) issued a coin in the kingdom of Mamoon. What was written on it ?
Kalma Tayyaba
Name of Panjtan(a.s.)
Name of Imam Ali Riza(a.s.)
Bismillah hir-rehaman nir-raheem

Q.8 Mamoon made Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) his hier to throne. When was that ceremony held ?
1 ZeeQaad 201 A.H
5 ZilHajj 201 A.H.
3 Shabaan 201 A.H.
6 Ramzan 201 A.H.

Q.9 Which daughter of Mamoon was wedded to Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) ?

Q.10 Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) once ordered two lions on a carpet who became live and ate an enemy of Ahle-Bait(a.s.). What was his name ?
Jameel bin Umar
Fazl bin Sahal
Moosa bin Abu Dajana
Hameed bin Mehran

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