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You are here : well do you know/Imam Hussain(a.s.)

Q.1 When was Imam Hussain(a.s.) born ?
13 Rajab 4 A.H.
4 Rajab 13 A.H.
3 Shabaan 4 A.H.
4 Shabaan 3 A.H.

Q.2 What the period of pregnancy of Hazrat Fatima(s.a.) during the birth of Imam Hussain(a.s.) ?
9 months
6 months
8 moths
10 months

Q.3 What was the name of the angel who got his wings back upon touching the cradle of Imam Hussain(a.s.) ?

Q.4 How old was he when he was appointed the 3rd Imam(a.s.) ?
46 years
40 years
42 years
52 years

Q.5 How many years did he remain the Imam(a.s.) before being martyred ?
15 years
8 years
13 years
11 years

Q.6 What was the name of his closest friend of his childhood ?
Hazrat Sasa ibn-e-Sohan(a.r.)
Hazrat Burrair-e-Hamdani(a.r.)
Hazrat Kumail ibn-e-Ziyad(a.r.)
Hazrat Habib ibn-e-Mazahir(a.r.)

Q.7 How times did he marry ?
1 time only
3 times
5 times
7 times

Q.8 How many children did he have ?
4 sons and 2 daughters
3 sons and 2 daughters
2 sons and 2 daughters
4 sons and 3 daughters

Q.9 Who was the first "Azadar" of Imam Hussain(a.s.) in this world ?
Imam Ali(a.s.)
Prophet Mohammad(sawaw)
Hazrat Fatima Zahra(s.a.)
Imam Hasan(a.s.)

Q.10 When did he start his journey towards Karbala ?
10 Muharram 60 A.H.
10 ZilHijj 60 A.H.
28 Safar 60 A.H.
28 Rajab 60 A.H.

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