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You are here : well do you know/Imam Ali(a.s.)

Q.1 Who did Imam Ali(a.s.) kill first in the battle of Badr ?
Utba ibne Rabeaa
Sheeba ibne Rabeaa
Walid ibne Utba

Q.2 During which battle was his sword (Zulfiqar) sent by Allah(swt) ?
during battle of Badr
during battle of Ohod
during battle of Khandaq
during battle of Khaibar

Q.3 During which battle Imam Ali(a.s.) got the title of Kull-e-Imaan from the Prophet(sawaw) ?
battle of Badr
battle of Ohod
battle of Khandaq
battle of Khaibar

Q.4 Who was the most feared infidel that Imam Ali(a.s.) kill during battle of Khandaq ?
Amar ibne Adbuwud
Utba bin Rabeaa

Q.5 When was Imam Ali(a.s.) first appointed successor by the Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) ?
during Dawat Zul-Asheera
during Sulah Hudaibiya
during Mairaj
during Hajjatul Wida

Q.6 When was Imam Ali(a.s.) appointed Maula of all for whom Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) is Maula ?
during Dawat Zul-Asheera
after last Hajj at Ghadeer-e-Khum
during conquest of Makkah
during migration towards Madina

Q.7 When did Imam Ali(a.s.) accept to become the Caliph ?
25 ZilHajj 28 A.H.
21 Ramzan 30 A.H.
25 ZilHajj 35 A.H.
21 Ramzan 40 A.H.

Q.8 What is the name of the book complied with the khutbas and letters of Imam Ali(a.s.) ?

Q.9 How many years did Imam Ali(a.s.) remain Caliph ?
7 years
9 years
13 years
5 years

Q.10 When was Imam Ali(a.s.) martyred ?
10 Muharram 40 A.H.
21 Ramzan 40 A.H.
25 ZilHajj 40 A.H.
21 Razman 42 A.H.

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